Action Irwell is a new group formed to enable wildlife groups, sports enthusiasts and other users from throughout the Irwell Valley to come together, exchange views and news.
There are lots of groups throughout the valley, each doing its own thing, following its own agenda - but we have a common goal in having an underlying desire for a better quality environment in which to persue our chosen acitvities. Action Irwell aims to bring us all together.
As a representative group of river users we can effectively lobby our local councils, policitians, water companies and the Environment Agency to ensure that they continue to divert resources and continue in the great work already done to bring nature back to what was once the most polluted river valley in the world.
Less sewage, less litter, improved water quality, more invertebrates, fish and insects, a reduction in the numbers of non native species, more birds and mammals, improved bio-diversity. Improved access, better safer parking, more signage, increased levels of public engagement, a better return on funding from government bodies and local authorities.
The post industrial Irwell Valley has for the last 30 years been in recovery phase. As traditional industries have closed, nature has been reclaiming the valley. Despite a long lasting legacy of polluted groundwater, the valley is now the cleanest its been for over 200 years.
Otters, brown trout, deer, kinfishers - a distant dream only 20 years ago, sighting of these creatures are now a common occurence. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
Please drop in from time to time to check up on the latest news which can be found below.
(The lack of posts and activity on this page make it look as though nothing is happening and that this project is long forgotten - far from it - we are slowly but quietly putting the pieces together for something which will make you all proud to be a part of.)

Thursday 19 May 2011

Good News - Bad News

Good news ! The River Irwell is currently the cleanest and healthiest its been for over 200 years.

Bad news - There are still over 300 consents to discharge waste into 29 miles of river. Of these 106 are combined sewage overflows which discharge raw sewage directly and untreated straight into our river. 85 of these overflows have no form of screening which means that all sorts of large waste, tissues, nappys, wet wipes etc flow down the river every time there's any significant rainfall. Eewww

This raw untreated sewage kills the plants and creatures which live in our river - (one step forwards two steps back).

Please join us in making the River Irwell into a river we can all be proud of.